Drink Notes

These Drink Notes are brilliant! So much better to stare on someone’s wine glass stem than at their chest to remember the name.

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  1. Depends on the chest.

  2. Also helps you not confuse which glass is yours :)

  3. You should have a link to pin blog posts on Pintrest; I’d love to pin this. :) I’ll probably manually pin it. :D

  4. We use PERMANENT markers during our parties and happy hours – turns out the permanent marker is NOT permament on glass.
    The dish washer erase 99% of the marks.
    Save yourself some bucks and give the environment a break. Cheers!

  5. I love these! Of course I agree with the comment that it depends on what chest you are looking at.. On the other hand if you are focusing on the glass of wine you get to see when it’s empty and refill it

  6. Great idea, terrible design looks like a supermarket price tag…

  7. @Rolf, the tags are based on the iconic “Hello My Name Is” sticker-name tags that used to be big her in the US, way back. It’s more humorous than designy! :)