glass beverage dispenser

This Glass Beverage Dispenser has summer written all over it. I want one.

(via MintedCondition)

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  1. Looks great but the few reviews on the site say it leaks. :(

    Form over function.

  2. it dispenses glass beverages?

  3. Beautiful, want one of those

  4. That looks cat proof! brilliant!

  5. Not sure if you saw, but there are a bunch of these from Pottery Barn also, in some really cool shapes. We make sun tea in one of these all summer long. Just use 15 or so tea bags and leave in the sun for the day. Add some lemon and fresh mint and you’re all set.

  6. it’s cute, but I can’t help but wonder how well it dispenses with the cork on.

  7. Oh! I love love love love it!