Pancakes Venn Diagram

This Pancake Recipe Venn Diagram made me chuckle.

Could anyone tell me who to give credit to? I found it here, but there’s no credit and a Tineye Search came up empty.

SUPER GIANT FACEPALM: It’s by Stephen Wildish.

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  1. Re: Credit… Stephen Wildish?! Just a wild stab in the dark.

  2. might want to check out this pancake diagram: by young belgian designer Miet Claes (@Choisissez).

  3. but the print even SAYS!!!! don’t understand the credit question…

  4. It’s strange that Tineye doesn’t return any result, with Google Image Search you get all of these


  6. Happens to the best ;)

  7. Hah! It does indeed happen to the best and when it does, it makes me feel better about being a faulty little human :)

  8. If you like that, you might like this equally amusing food infographic site: The World is your Toaster