World’s Largest Rainbow (Birthday) Parade

My color loving studiomate Jessi is putting the dial up to 11 again, by trying to break a world record and have the world’s largest rainbow birthday parade. And you can be part of it! All you need to do is dress head to toe in one color and meet up on April 28 with Jessi and all her colorful friends. The parade, including marching band, will then parade over the Brooklyn Bridge, in chromatical order, of course.

If you can’t be part of it, you can still help make this world record happen by supporting Jessi’s Kickstarter campaign. Your money will help pay for the 20-piece marching band, balloons, cupcakes and all that jazz. I am totally a backer and will be supporting team RED at the parade. What color will you be?

Also, if you haven’t yet, watch Jessi’s CreativeMornings talk and you’ll realize just how incredibly wonderful she is.

(You might remember the photos of her first ever rainbow birthday parade in 2011)

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  1. I’m especially impressed by how many sunglasses with different colored lenses she has. Everyone involved: have fun!

  2. THANK YOU for posting, Tina!

    And Brian, I actually have some green glasses, too, but I thought I might be getting too glasses-y, so I left those out!

  3. hey peeps – why not donate to this campaign – we are trying to raise $60k in 60 days to build 5 volunteer only hostels in the midwest tornado region, which would allow a low cost alternative to volunteers, and set them up with local projects to work on. we have successfully done this in Joplin, where Project195 has had two very successful volunteer only hostels for almost a year now. all money goes directly to funding hostels. no rainbow parties or parades. just straight volunteer housing and work to clean up with our neighbors in the midwest. we also would love volunteers! check out the video and the campaign here:

  4. Woah! My birthday is on the 28th and I just might be in NYC!

  5. O!M!G!!!!! I’ve never wanted to visit NYC so much in my life!! Sadly, I will be otherwise occupied that day :( But I will certainly spread the word and contribute to this AWESOME idea! PLEASE someone dress as Rainbow Brite!! And take lots of pics! :D

  6. Hey, i’m from Brazil and i will arrive april 23 and will be in NYC for 8 days with my wife, aunt, and two friends, so it could be very funny. I’ll try to be there monochromatic and fully equiped with my camera. What time and where exactly will be the meet point?

  7. Hi Guilherme (and ALL Swiss Miss friends)! We would LOVE to have you at the parade! All you have to do is be dressed in a bright color! Here are more details about the location and time: Please RSVP by “buying” a free ticket! WOO HOO BRAZIL!!!