Rainbow Parade this Saturday

Do you live in NYC? Then you absolutely must join us for my studiomate’s Rainbow Parade this saturday. Jessi doesn’t kid around when it comes to organizing social gatherings, so be prepared for major awesome. G, Ella, Tilo and I will be there, proudly monochromatic!

There’s lots of rainbow color fun in store and most of us Studiomates will be attending. The part I am looking forward to the most is the Rainbow Parade which will be led by the Raya Brass Band. The Parade starts at 2pm and as we are going to be marching chromatically you should show up a little earlier.

Do you have anything more exciting lined up for this saturday afternoon than this? Impossible! So, join us! Leave a comment below if you’re in and tell us what color you’ll be!

More info on the event over on Jessi’s blog. (Remember her RainbowBirthday last year?)

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  1. Ok, this totally made me smile this evening. :-)

  2. Ella will be in her rainbow princess outfit leading the parade with Jessi.
    Gary will probably be all red.
    Tilo, we don’t know yet.
    I’ll be all red.

  3. Oh dear, this is so fun! I wish I am in NYC! Have fun!

  4. Oy. Wishing I was in New York for this joyful, colour-loving occasion! Can’t wait to see photos.. Have fun!

  5. We will be there too!
    M will probably be all red too (as G)
    I’ll be red too (what else… ;-)

  6. I think Max would insist on all orange! Perhaps I should match so we can march together :) Konrad may have to go all black- rock star wardrobe :)