Concrete Wallpaper

Not sure what to think of this concrete wallpaper by Dutch designer Piet Boon. I’d definitely would love to see it in person.

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  1. we were just wondering about this too after seeing it linked recently. I’ve never seen a concrete wallpaper treatment I’ve liked, but maybe this series is nicer.

  2. Hi, if you want to see it in person: it’s on display at ICFF in our booth 1325 (NLXL) and at The Future Perfect satellite space on Cooper Square (1 block from their shop at Great Jones and Bowery) thru june. Thanks, Rick

  3. It is terrific… @ future perfect : Check it out. My apt has concrete from 1964 beams through out, but we were advised against exposing it. This concrete wall paper is going to do just what the real concrete couldn’t ! IF only we can see what to order > the web site does not have the pictures up for ordering.

  4. I saw the concrete papers at Future Perfect and was very impressed. Seriously, you’d have to touch it to know that it’s not real concrete.

  5. the Piet Boon Concrete Wallpaper is available at Future Perfect as from August 1st.
    For now, please see more pictures on our dropbox gallery:
    Best regards,

  6. Love it.

    I have a series of concrete photos that I took up on my studio wall

  7. It’s laminate for the walls.