Courtesy Table

Photo by Wim de Leeuw

The Courtesy Table by the Dutch designer Marleen Jansen is low on the practicality scale but wins lots of points for its entertainment and sculptural factor.

(via kidsroomzoom)

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  1. This is really cute! I would love to have one of these as an outdoor/picnic table! Looks good too. It may actually also work out perfectly well with a simple bench on either side, nobody actually has to sit on the see-saw during dinner

  2. This should be called the ‘marriage discussion’ bench… it would give added incentive to make sure your partner doesn’t get up and leave until you both think the discussion is finished!

  3. i had the chance to try it at milano design week. its just great. an amazing feeling because you are slightly moving up and down while sitting. also you have totaly new level of communication and conection with the other person … feedback and feelback. its just great.

  4. I agree with the latest comments, it’s a other level of communication! And is really cute. When i saw the second image, was very funny, see the purpose of it.