Dog Names for Graphic Designers

Yesterday, over lunch, we were talking about dog names here at Studiomates. And it just so happened that I stumbled upon this dog name graphic. Made me chuckle. I am personally hoping to run running into Khoi in the park one day, to whitness him calling for his dog, Mr.President.

What’s your dog’s name?

(via coudal)

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  1. Excellent! I used to have goldfish called Pixel and Byte :)

  2. Love these. My cat’s name is Ampersand :) (I call him Andy most of the time.)

  3. My cat is named Pixel.

  4. No designer names for me dogs, though I did consider Logo.

  5. My beagle’s name is Lucy, so nothing designy unless you stretch it since Liz Danzico’s dog is also named Lucy.

  6. Guess Pixel is a common pet name! My cats are Pixel and Voxel.

  7. Great names! I really wanted to name my dog Cooper Black, but my husband rejected it.

  8. My French Bulldog’s name is JPEG and TIFF. ;)

  9. I have a designer friend who’s dog is named Pixel. My dog’s name is Hans.

  10. Wysiwyg is my favorite!

  11. My husband let me name the cats Pica and Bodoni :) I love Bezier.

  12. My cat’s name is Cooper. :)

  13. I had an awesome Black cat named “K.”

  14. I have a greyhound named Baskerville :)

  15. “Sudo” is the best name for a developers dog. “Sudo fetch!” “Sudo sit!”

  16. My male kitty is named “Logo”.

  17. He forgot “Serif”

  18. my pug is called Immi. Her name is Imogen.

  19. Ive always wanted 2 rotties so i could name them “Samson” and “Delilah” but i have Collies named Trudi and Toby. I wouldnt mind a Westie and call it Tallulah or Lulu for short, lol

  20. My old poodle pixel, just passed away. She was a big 15.5 years old! Her hubby Jett survives her, named after the bubble Jett!