Geeks and Repetitive Tasks

(via Chart Porn)

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  1. Haha! I absolutely agree. I was that non-geek person for a while, until I happily converted to the red line for the past couple of years.

  2. There is a horizontal, invisible, white line at the bottom of the chart, coming straight to you.

  3. Add multiple non-identical tasks to run concurrently and consequetively, and the geek approach starts to suffer.

    a happy medium between the two is ideal. But it’s only the geek that can do ‘non-geek’ way, but they rarely do. Thus the non-geek wins in real world.

  4. Then the real life … and the buggy geek’s script start to fail, create other errors , takes time for the debug … and the red line appears to not be so horizontal … ;-)

  5. The chart misses the green line. The lazy one who just skips the task and wins all the time.

  6. Absolutely agree.

  7. How do you chart the line indicating the repetitive tasks are outsourced to China / India and done for 1/3 the cost?

  8. What about relevance of the task, by the time automation happens.
    The non-geek might actually WIN.

  9. But usually doesn’t.