A minimalist cash and cards holder by Daycraft called Moneywrap.

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  1. It’s definitely a simple, good-looking wallet. But I’ll stick with my ZerOz:

  2. nice design, ridiculously expensive

  3. ditto to Alicia’s comment. Absolutely ridiculous price.

  4. It is a very, very nice design. Thanks for the link-through, Tina.

  5. Hi Alicia and Michael. My company does work with Daycraft. The Moneywrap costs around US$56 with free international shipping. I thought it was pretty reasonable.

  6. Nice design. And I think instead of removing the band to get to the contents, one could just lift the flap up while the band stays in place, so nothing falls out of the sides.

    I have been on a quest for the slimmest wallet, and I have found it in the simple coin purse. Two layers of leather and a zipper. Protects and holds everything with no risk of something falling out accidentally. It doesn’t get any slimmer or functional than that.

  7. It’s actually very easy to use. Here’s an independent review from coolhunting

  8. I just ordered the wallet on Thursday June 7th and it arrived from Hong Kong today. Free international shipping and super fast!

    The quality is nice and it comes with 2 extra band that are very easy to replace.

    I’m extremely happy with the purchase!