(Big thanks to our Swedish model Josef)

It’s Tattly Tuesday and that means we just launched new designs: Check out these adorable Fake Monsters by Dutch Designer AnkePanke.

And have a glance at today’s Tattly Hack. I am pretty sure it will make you smile!

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  1. Best model in town.

  2. Tad Carpenter from KC would be an excellent contributor to Tattly. He’s created some pretty imaginative characters. :)

  3. Thanks for the edit!

  4. $15 (Set of 8)??


    The kid’s got about $75 on his arms.

    I can think of lots better things to do with $75.

    And that’s even if I limit it to spending it entirely on the kid.

    Call me when the price gets down to $15 for 200 or $5 for 50…

  5. Similar design style was used for the ill-fated Meego OS for mobile devices:

    You can find an avatar creator for Meego here: