Number Mugs

Number Mugs. I am all for #8!

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  1. I love these! I want them all ;o)

  2. Thanks so much Swiss Miss for showcasing the Number Mugs.
    You’re No. 1 in our book! The Spoons

  3. 8 is my Lucky number so m gonna choose number 8 Mug :P

  4. These are brilliant! I’m a number 8 fan too :)

  5. Why is there no zer0?
    Base ten please.

  6. No Zero, because the piece did not look like a number, it looked just like a plan mug.

  7. It would be great if they did a paint-it-yourself series for those of us who are synesthetic. My numbers have definite colors, and they’re not the ones on these mugs!

  8. Just bought the #7 for my wife, awesome. I found your blog via Seth Godin and I really dig your eye for design. Thanks and have an awesome weekend!