Selected Data Visualization Tools

The fine folks of data put together a selection of data visualization tools that they use the most and that they enjoy working with. It includes libraries for plotting data on maps, frameworks for creating charts, graphs and diagrams and tools to simplify the handling of data. Even if you’re not into programming, you’ll find applications that can be used without writing one single line of code. They will keep this list as a living repository and add / remove things as technology develops. YES!

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  1. Really good ……….. U are truly an inspiring person and has a very balance view and yet progressive

  2. Doing this is actually bigger than you probably realize.

    When we’re living in the semantic web one day, we might just look back at how a pioneer consolidated the tech, allowing it to take flight and become a mainstream conversation.

    Thank you

  3. Also, if interested, please take a look at Dex:

    – Pat

  4. Visualisation helps so much so this is really useful for otherwise potentially boring data.