The Employees First Effect

For the first time, I did *not* skip an ad on YouTube. This is the one that was playing:

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  1. I can’t figure out if this is serious or taking the piss.. #orwellianchills

  2. I love the SwissMiss blog – but this is just odd. Or bad. I’m annoyed that I even watched it. For a second, I thought it was going to be an advocacy piece for card check.

  3. Unusually long for a commercial, but not bad.

    Dunno what the problems of the people above were.

    I think one of the key things that it points out, subtly, is that

    “Hey, it’s not the system. There IS NO SYSTEM. There is only you and me and he and she — either doing our JOBS well or badly. Sometimes that’s not directly our fault — sometimes we do badly because they don’t give us what we need to do our jobs well — but if you aren’t doing your best, if you aren’t at least TRYING to get the things you need to do your job right… the world is screwed up just a little bit more because of you not doing YOUR JOB.”


  4. I’ve never seen New York look so homogenous. IMHO, fire the casting company and the voice-over actor. And maybe the writer too, considering the point is unclear.

  5. What exactly was the point of this ad? And what are they trying to sell?

  6. What does this want to say? That we should be greatful that we are allowed to work 40 hours a week, 48 weeks a year and 50 years in a lifetime in order to be able to make a living? In order to ACTUALY BUY THE THINGS WE PRODUCE EVERY DAY? Do you even realize that the only reason that these people have their job is that someone else makes a fortune by using their working power, and they will stop working and stop making a living exactly the moment when their empolyer doesn’t make any profit anymore? Damn, this shit makes me angry.

    @Candi – – they’re serious. Completely out of their minds, but serious.

  7. Love this.

  8. I really didn’t get it either. I’m a little sad that I didn’t get it, honestly. SM, could you give us your perspective on this, please?