The Key to Science in 63 Seconds

Richard Feynman’s Key to Science in 63 Seconds, via Brain Pickings.

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  1. The longer version is better:
    “Physicist Richard Feynman explains the scientific and unscientific methods of understanding nature.”

    It’s all good, but the key element of it comes ca. 5:30, regarding “vagueness” in theories.

    That’s AGW in a nutshell. If you fail to grasp why there are legitimate skeptics, just pay careful attention from 5:30 on for a couple minutes.

    Then compare to AGW claims, including the need to shift terms: “Global WARMING” to “Global CLIMATE CHANGE” and so forth.

  2. reminds of something I heard – “If you break the thermometer because you don’t like the temperature, either the experiment and/or your theory is flawed. Best to start again when you’re not red in the face.”