Two kids in a car

These two kids saw the GOTYE music video SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW and fell in love with it. They started requesting the song every time they’d be riding in the car, singing along, of course. One day, their parents set up a go camera behind their seat and taped them over a few car rides. Awesome.

(via coudal)

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  1. oh my. these kids are a thousand times cooler than me, and i’m 22. ha! so rad!

  2. So extremely cute and earnest.

  3. Should be: Two kids in a CLEAN car

  4. Fabulous! Makes me miss my little kids (who are now huge teenagers)

  5. The girl during Kimbra’s part of song – adorable!

  6. I have to agree with Anna; they look so good. Beautiful kids!

  7. Life is always set to music… Just wish my kids had such good taste in tunes! LOL

  8. This guy sings Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to school in the morning to pump his kids up for school:!

  9. It has a certain creepy feeling to it, though. Setting up cameras in your car and filming your kids everyday to then publish it on the internet to get hits is ethically questionable, at least.

    what about their right to privacy?

  10. Annnd i now love somebody i used to know a lil more which i did not think was possible!!!


  12. Punch bug @ 3:44

  13. Well thanks for introducing me to a very cool song.

    As far as the kids and this vid – kinda cool but two camera angles and all that tight editing makes it a little contrived. And I agree, car is waaay to clean.

  14. maybe after all, I should have kids :)
    and a car … hehehehe

  15. Our kids absolutely love this song and it is very nice to see them singing along in the back of the car, awesome idea from this parents to record them. And a great song, we also always say, Again !

  16. I don´t think its adorable….at all! I don´t like their attitude….especially at the beginning when the boy throws something, and their gestures and moves, they aren’t appropiate/normal for their age. It´s completely evident that they do what they want in life and that their parents let them….. I can´t explain my self 100% and this may sound old-schooled and artbitrary, but it’s kind of serious…

  17. This is just fantastic, I have a thirteen year old and we are so in that sing all alone in my room stage. I have shared this with everyone I know !!! Just priceless. If the band had any sense they would use this as there music video !

    I have two kids who are very well behaved but would probable throw something or cop some attitude as well if they were caught on camera.They can’t always be angels .

  18. You can’t judge kids (or parents) by one video like this… you have no idea what they’re like and even if the kids do have attitude, we all go through that stage and that doesn’t mean it’s from bad parenting… Not trying to be rude or catty, but just remember not to judge based on the smallest picture of someone because in reality you know nothing about them or their lives.

    I think it was a great creative endeavor and I love seeing kids get into music. It makes me excited to see what kinds of things my future children are inspired by, obsessed with, or just have fun with.

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  21. No, that’s about right, although the older my dutahger gets, the older *I* feel. She’ll be in junior high next year, and I don’t even feel old enough to have a kid starting middle school.It’s crazy logic that I gave up trying to understand years ago. LOL

  22. The kids definitely do a great job with singing this song so much here. They are definitely internet stars with this video. So much that you can get from it. Pleasure Craft Operator Card