A Love Letter to Plywood

A Love Letter to Plywood is a movie by Tom Sachs. Directed by Van Neistat. 2012

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  1. Love this little film, but the narrator is *insufferably* pretentious. Couldn’t someone with access to such a great production team get their hands on a decent reader?

  2. I’m not sure how this is a love letter, it’s more about workshop technique than plywood. Ply is an incredible and beautiful material so why not showcase that. The alignment with imperial measurements and fractions with soulfulness is also bewildering.

  3. Tom and Van,
    Damn entertaining my friends and I don’t even like plywood. On the other hand I do have a sense of humor. Only admiration for what you’ve accomplished here with an otherwise bland topic to the average viewer. Im working on a project now where we are trying to demonstrate that a permanent, multi-century structure can be built for the same price as a track home. The construction is based on structural clay brick masonry. Would appreciate your input — go to hopeforarchitecture.com if you’re interested. We are also filming a doc about the project and would definitely like to hear your thoughts on this as well. Sample vids are on home page — check out ‘Cabin in the Woods.’

    Long live the Imperial!

  4. Heh heh, being provocative I see. Well, you certainly touched a nerve. Humour in design is a pet hate of mine. There’s nothing more vapid than reading a post on a design blog tagged with ‘this made me smile’. In that one meaningless phrase you give any detractor all the ammo they need in branding it a discipline of triviality and consumption. It’s not about being over serious but rather not doing something simply as some sort of disposable visual joke. It’s the opposite of what you guys are doing with hopeforarchitecture which looks much more substantial. And on that, there’s some awful home architecture out there and anyone taking that on needs to be applauded so, best of luck with it, I shall tune in from time to time.
    Death to the inch, long live eyeballing it