Crafty iPhone Case

Bekka just walked in and proudly showed me her new iPhone case. It is sporting a cross-stitched heart on the back of it. A customizable, cross-stitchable iPhone case? Yes, please!

I love products that merge technology and craft!

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  1. My wife had one of these recently. Very neat, but unbelievably flimsy.

  2. It is such a fun project! I finished mine a few weeks ago. Check it out on my blog anna knits, etc. :

  3. For those of you that actually have time to do some stitching I’ve found a set of great patterns for this case at Dutch webshop (sorry for the accent :-))

    Love this pattern by Scandinavian designer Ingela: or this one by Larie:


  4. This is pretty nifty, my girlfriend will love this.

  5. My friend Sally got one of these last year. Here’s the amazing case she made:

    Yes, it’s Nyan Cat!

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