Friday Link Pack

Thomas Roebers’ Rhythm “FOLI” There Is No movement Without Rhythm (via the KidShouldSheeThis)

– Advice To Writers by Steven Pinker (via @bobulate)

The Cloud House (Thank you Gareth)

– I don’t know about you but I have always wanted a Lemon Fruit Garland.

– The New York Times is looking to hire an Information Architect

– Thrilled beyond belief about this wonderful CreativeMornings write-up in WIRED by Alissa Walker. And this one in The Atlantic by Steven Heller.

– These gradient tights are stunning.

– Finally, a crafty toy geared towards boys: Build-It Rocket Kit

– My mom sent me this video of the traditional Appenzeller Alpaufzug, where the Swiss farmers walk their cows up to the mountains for the summer, so the land can rest down in the valley. The farmers wear their traditional outfits and even the cows get wear their special bells. Beautiful.

– Parents! This Air Head Balloon Kit is awesome.

Fixie Don’t Care. Made me laugh.

This Adverting Life. (Thank you James)

10 Job Interview Tips From A CEO Headhunter

– Dissapointed with Prometheus? Read this. (But don’t read it if you haven’t seen it yet. Spoiler Alert) (via @whale)

– This Ring Holder made me smile.

Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag. Imagine a whole bunch of these in a big giant playroom.

Babies eating lemon. Priceless. (Thank you Bekka)

– Don’t compare your work to the competition but to an unattainable, magical unicorn.

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  1. Oh, thank you for the link, Tina and Bekka! :) Such a sweet surprise. I can’t take credit for the video, of course, but I do love it – makes me laugh every time!