QuarkXPress Easter Egg

Anyone remember this easter egg in QuarkXPress, when deleting a text box with the shortcut Cmd+Alt+Shift+K? (Keep watching the video until you see the big giant green mama monster come out… Patience!)

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  1. Yay! Not seen that for years!

  2. Yes! Wow, it’s been a while…

  3. WOW! What a blast from the past… it takes me back to early college years! hahaha :)

  4. We still have to use Quark at my work, so one day I tasked one of my staff to train a new staff member on Easter Eggs in Quark. :) We had a good laugh :)

  5. Haven’t actively used Quark since ’05– talk about a blast from the past. ;-)

  6. haha that’s amazing. i completely forgot about that.

  7. I remember that. Too bad it didn’t include the funny sound effects.

  8. I opened up quark just to see if this still works… and yes it does. My co-workers were like WTF.

  9. looks like a daniel johnston illustration

  10. That looks like OS8. Lovend that OS.

  11. HAHA, Oh man I so remember this. How random was that to put it into such a “professional” piece of software?

  12. Have you seen what happen if you delete like that, push undo, and delete again for 5 times? A huge monster come with a basuka and kill the monster!!!

  13. God, I’m old.

  14. I remember this! I can’t believe it’s *vintage*.

  15. funny, we were just talking yesterday about it… but we didn’t know the short cut anymore… its really long ago ;-)

  16. You can get the same alien by creating a picture box and pressing ( Option+Shift+cmd+K).

    You can also see another alien if you keep the keys Option+Shift+Cmd+K pressed down for few seconds.

    The same alien will move and stand in the center of the box and a new alien will appear.
    (more details at http://forums.quark.com/p/20054/80567.aspx#80567)

    You can also see the alien in action in this video for the launch of QuarkXPress 9 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYT0iqq9nNg
    Long live the alien! ;)

  17. I remember that from almost 20 years ago. Thank god I haven’t used that POS Quark since 2004. Worst customer service ever.

    Anyone remember SciTex, those workstations(fans) were so loud I can still hear the hummm.