The iPhone Scuba Suit

Planning a beach or pool vacation? Then I’d consider investing in one of these iPhone Scuba Suits. It’s a 100% water-proof case that’ll allows you to take cool underwater photos.

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  1. Very cool, but they’re out of stock. They ship late July. So, too late for my vacation. Bummer!

  2. I have the Lifeproof case, would recommend it and it looks less bulky than this one

  3. I also have the Lifeproof case and I love how sleek and sturdy it is. I’ve gone surfing with it, dropped it in a sink of water to see how my daughter would freak out. I think it’s less bulky than this one, too.

  4. I had a Lifeproof that lasted about 2 weeks, fortunately I noticed the crack before I put my phone in water. Received my Scuba Suit and am loving it! The case feels substantial and I have confidence bringing it in the water and I don’t have to mess around with little screws and cords to use the earbuds while I’m chillin on the tube in the lake while I’m having a cold one. The best part is it’s $40 cheaper than the Lifeproof. No brainer!

  5. How deep can it go.