I was beyond excited when I heard that Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer is pregnant with her first child. That means she will take thousands of photos of her little son and upload them to Flickr and realize that it could be vastly improved and then she will make it happen! Right?

And whoever created this site,; I heart you.

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  1. please, please make flickr awesome again.

  2. your link to goes to the WaPost article.

  3. This is the best. You go, TRE.

  4. all the time I think, all flickr needs is one kick ass app that is easy and quick to maneuver and they could have an immediate come back. Why is everyone posting to instagram, because it is quick and easy to upload, view your contacts and socialize from their phones, but how about flickrs app, no way jose!

  5. too bad the people in flickr don’t care about flickr. It was great in the mid 2000s before yahoo bought it and stopped it from keeping up with the times. Main probably I have is that the UI is terrible for browsing. Also, I hate that to “follow” a profile, you have to “add to contacts.” Just change the wording, and I’ll follow more people! Words are powerful, don’t underestimate them.