Please meet Romo, a charming smartphone robot by Romotive.

If you’re into robots, and always dreamed of having one, Romo is for you. Romo uses your smartphone for his brain, is affordable, extensible, and a super fast learner.

You can let Romo wander about your home and dance to music or you can stream Romo’s video to a controller and control him across Wifi.

Romo communicates with your phone via the universal audio jack, allowing Romo to be compatible with any smartphone.

I can not wait to introduce one of these little fellows to my kids. Totally wishlisted!

(Thank you Steve)

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  1. An excellent Idea.
    But because of its delicacy..Wouldnt It would seem more an office/ grown-up amusement toy though?

    Also on a bigger scale, i am sure there could be some HIGHLY practical uses for a gadget like this.

  2. Yea I so want an automatic device I can plug my expensive phone into that will smash my phone into things for me. pfff who wants to drop their phone like a shlub when you can pay for a device that will do it for you. Do they have one with a protective sandpaper screen cover I would hate for my screen not to get scratches on it.