Bubble Backpack

The Bubble Backpack by MadPax makes me want to be a kid again! Ella is starting first grade next week and I tried to convince her that this backpack would make an awesome school bag. Unfortunately she doesn’t agree.

But, it comes in grown-up size as well. Hmm….

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  1. This bag freaks me out.

  2. I want to pop the bubbles. Like bubble wrap. !

  3. I agree with Chris. This bag might appeal to some but it reminds me of red blisters on skin. This is freaky stuff for me.

  4. You’ll look like a red turtle wearing that.. but kids love that, dont they?

  5. The trypophobe in me is squirming right now.

  6. I am torn between the desire to carry things in this backpack, and the desire to rub salve on this backpack.