Century of the Child

I am blown away by MoMA’s Century of the Child – Growing by Design Exhibit site . What looks like a site entirely done in Flash, is apparently built in HTML5. Impressive! Congratulations to Hello Monday for the design and development.

And, of course, I can’t wait to see the exhibit this week.

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  1. This is an INCREDIBLE show. I could not read and absorb everything so I will be going back. Highly recommended.

  2. The show really is incredible! You should pick up the book that goes along with it — so much information and so beautifully laid out. It makes it much easier to absorb everything!

  3. Going back tomorrow–going to pick up the book also.

  4. We really loved MoMA’s Century of the Child exhibit. You can see more Froebel Kindergarten objects featured in the show from the collection of Norman Brosterman here: http://bit.ly/OlPATz He’s the author of Inventing Kindergarten. An award-winning book on Froebel’s Kindergarten + Modernism. He’s also the creator of the Kaleidograph toy: http://kaleidographtoy.com/ It’s a paper kaleidoscope that makes billions of patterns. As Designers, we really love all of the above.

  5. I just love the design of this so much here. So cool that is was created in html5 so much here. The creator should be very proud of his work here. restaurant seating