Friday Link Pack

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Brainpicker‘s new Literary Jukebox makes me all kinds of happy. It matches a song with a book quote.

– Did you know about Etsy’s Global Craft Party?

– What are you cooking this weekend?

Cardiio is a magical app that lets you measure your heart rate with the iPhone’s front facing camera. (via Amrit)

– This inflatable bicycle helmet by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin is impressive.

Social Impact -Think of it like Yelp for discovering socially conscious local businesses. (via Amrit)

Faraday: The most good looking ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle

– If you’re wondering what Medium is all about, read this. (via @cameronmoll)

Made Collection is the world’s first flash-sale website for US-made products. (not a fan of flash sites but love the fact that they focus on US Made products)

– MotherKnows Creates iPhone-Accessible Health Records For Your Children

– Fast Company posted a video where I talk about my 8 Personal Rules for Success. (Video is from the 2012 Shopify Build A Business Competition)

– I need to remember to Focus.

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  1. I loved your video, but where are the other four rules? Did I miss them somehow?

  2. (Never mind, I just watched your TYPO SF talk and they’re all there. SO GREAT. I’m in love with your eight rules!)

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I really liked the seo form

  4. deserves it’s own post. That site and are great places for recipes and cooking inspiration.

  5. What kind of calligraphy pen allows you to go up and down? Never seen a flexible tip like that.