Please Support My CreativeMornings Kickstarter

I am just so excited to be able to share our Kickstarter Campaign with you, that literally JUST launched!

After attending several conferences over the past few years, I felt like there had to be a more accessible event that was really just about bringing likeminded people together. So, I started CreativeMornings. One Friday morning a month, people in the creative community gather to hear a speaker share their story. The best part is that the coffee, the breakfast, the lecture — everything is free.

CreativeMornings was in four cities only a year ago. Now we are at 34 chapters and span six continents, thanks to our hard working hosts all around the world.

So here’s the problem. 34 chapters means 34 talks every month. We never planned for CreativeMornings to grow like this. We’ve been taping these talks all along, but as of now they are spread across the internet. It kills us that there are videos from hundreds of leading designers, artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, and no good place to see them all.

Here’s why I am turning to Kickstarter. We have the potential to create a growing archive of stories, ideas and advice from remarkable creative minds across 34 cities, but we need to start building it now.

Your support, no matter how big or little, will help us build a new home for all of the CreativeMornings content.

Please consider supporting my Kickstarter Campaign and help me make CreativeMornings better.

pssst: Check out our rewards, they are quite something.

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  1. Ace idea. Wunderkammer. Wholeheartedly backed. #IHeartCreativeMornings

  2. Done!

  3. Looks like you’ll have it funded before the day is through.
    Nice :)

  4. Behind you all the way Tina – Done !

  5. When I view your CM KS page, the pics appear in that funky “negative” look. I think the image files got saved out as CMYK?

  6. I usually eat two or three muffins, so it’s just my way to paying it back.

  7. Why not just contact and discuss it with them. They exist for this very reason. You won’t lose anything and gain unlimited back-up capability. You’ll also greatly increase your audience and spread the ideas your already trying to promote in-perpetuity.

  8. this is great! just pledged, my 1st ever experience in crowdfunding. but CreativeMornings are just too awesome not to pitch in. thank you and congratulations. this is fantastic! (hugs all the way from brazil!)

  9. Wouldn’t it make sense to collaborate with TED for this? To create a TED personal, or a TED inspiration library.

  10. Thanks to all the wonderful people helping out (not only) on all those friday mornings!
    I’m looking forward to see all the different chapters combined to one awesome something!

  11. I love it. I also love that you were able to collect more than your goal so quickly! Awesome! Good job.

  12. Hello from Denmark!

    So happy to see you’ve broken well through the $35.000 goal. In order to help out I spread the word on my blog and Twitter, Facebook etc while I figure out which pledge to pick. That New York city event sounds so tempting!