Welcome to the Neighborwood!

I agree with Aymie Spitzer in that there is something magical about hand-drawn and hand-lettered maps. Neighborwoods are hand-drawn and laser engraved into unfinished aromatic cedar. Every map is unique, just like your treasured stories. You can currently get a Neighborwood of Berlin, Barcelona, Brooklyn, Paris, London, Manhattan, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Neighborwoods is a Hyperakt project crafted with love by Aymie Spitzer.

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. This is gorgeous! Definitely gonna get a Bklyn!

  3. 佳林は昔から瞳が大きくて真っ黒だったのに今更カラコンって騒いで新規かよ
    最近エンジェルアイズワンデーが気になってる。 苫米地英人先生  神道はバラモン教から引っ張ってきた哲学だから。 

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