Insites – The Book

Pre-orders for Insites: The Book *just* opened! It is a beautiful, limited edition, 256-page book by Elliot Jay Stocks and Keir Whitacker.

Insites features no code snippets and no design tips; instead, 20 personal conversations with people I personally look up to in our web community.

Read about Jason Santa Maria, Cameron Moll, Ethan Marcotte, Alex Hunter, Brendan Dawes, Simon Collison, Dan Rubin, Andy McGloughlin, Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka, Josh Brewer, Ron Richards, Trent Walton, Ian Coyle, Mandy Brown, Sarah Parmenter, Jim Coudal, Jeffrey Zeldman, Tim Van Damme, and Jon Hicks (oh and yours truly).

I started reading some of the stories and I am being reminded that even the biggest successes have the smallest, most humble of beginnings. Get your copy of Insites!