The RGB Colorspace Atlas

American artist Tauba Auerbach printed the RGB Colorspace Atlas as a record of the full RGB gradient in 3,632 stunning pages of pigmented awesomeness. YES!

(thank you @kirstin / via jeanniejeannie)

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  1. HI, I love this book- my friend Daniel Kelm co-designed and produced the binding / boxes for this edition, up in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts. Shameless plug for him- you can see this book and other unusual bindings he has created here:

  2. Not knocking the book, it’s a beautiful piece of work.
    But wouldn’t the printed RGB space—while being accurate in scale—be ultimately an inaccurate model due to CMYK limitations?

  3. @jono Thank you!! My comment exactly when I posted this to my own page. The print production person inside me just cringes if people think you can reproduce the RGB gamut on paper accurately.

  4. It is, however, stunning. No argument.

  5. the press checks on this must have been fun… :P

  6. Yes, this is stunning work. Nice find.

  7. @jenW, @Jono In the same way as an actual atlas “reproduces” the Earth “accurately”, maybe?

  8. @Ralf H True. But the main difference and what I was getting at is that while most who read an actual atlas already understand that what they see on the page is not literally the earth nor a 1:1 replica, I believe it is safe to assume that most people, when looking at color space, are not aware that areas of RGB are impossible to print. So for example, an area of the green in the book represents a green that cannot be seen in the book.

  9. Completely blown away. Would love that on a table in my apartment. Wow.

  10. This is Art! Brilliant!

  11. What a waste of paper.

  12. I am so glad to got away with this. According to my husband he must have hit it just right. Thanks your design.