Are you currently apartment hunting? You might want to try PadMapper! It plots the apartments on a big map, and lets you filter for exactly what you want. There are also neat overlays to help you learn about the different areas.

Great apartment deals can be gone within a matter of hours. So set your filters and map area, then choose the “Get Email Alerts for this Search” option to get alerts on new listings that match.

If you zoom in far enough, a bar at the bottom of the screen will let you map out the nearby grocery stores, gyms, bars, restaurants, and more.

Congrats to Eric, the force behind PadMapper.

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  1. this is the BEST resource ever. loved, loved, loved it.

  2. It’s too bad Craigslist forced PadMapper to stop including their listings. I know Craigslist isn’t the absolute best place to find an apartment, but it provided a volume level that significantly added to the PadMapper experience.

  3. This site is so helpful, especially in the not-so-friendly renting environment of New York City.

    Too bad Craigslist is suing Padmapper to stop the site, even though it is so beneficial to Craigslist and its users. (

  4. I did find both of my apartments in NYC using PadMapper, it is a fantastic resource.
    Having recently moved from NYC, and needing to find an apartment in a totally unknown town, I found Walk Score ( to be a very handy resource as well. The site provides listings and gives them a score between 0-100 based off of how walkable the neighborhood is. Many factors are taken into consideration including restaurants, grocery stores, coffee and public transportation. This really helped us transition into a new neighborhood where we can do the majority of our daily errands by foot, much like we did in NYC.
    Oh, and Eric does provide Walk Scores on Padmapper (which is awesome), but the Walk Score site could provide additional listings if needed.

  5. This is incredible!! You just made the incredibly daunting task of finding an apartment in Houston post-graduation much more manageable. Wow! I’ll be thanking you again come April.

  6. I used Padmapper to track down my current place in Toronto. It’s a dream to use compared to the alternatives. Seeing potential rentals plotted onto the map is so supremely useful I’m shocked more sites don’t do it.

    And to be totally honest, the lack of Craigslist listings doesn’t deter from the site at all. If anything, the quality of postings has increased.

  7. I love Eric for creating this!!!
    I had no idea it even existed. Am looking for a place to rent in Manhattan and this is EXACTLY what I need. The site is intuitive and the filters are clear and simple. THANK YOU for sharing this link. Wouldn’t have known of it otherwise.
    Beyond BRILLIANT.

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