Sophie and Lili Dolls

Ella got her hands one of the lovely Sophie and Lili dolls and gives it a thumbs up! They are the brainchild of graphic designer Jennifer Vallez and for only $35 you can get your custom doll! Or get the DIY Cut + Sew + Color Set and get crafty with your little one. A great gift all around!

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  1. Cute but no curly hair option!

  2. thank you swiss miss for your mommy perspective. (it’s why i even love your design blog more over others!).

    my soon-to-be 7 year old would ADORE one of these for her bday. super cute.

  3. I think the dolls are definitely so amazing here. The design of them is so good. The kids are able to get so much from what they offer. Keep up the good work. Lawn sprinklers Mississauga