Sorry I’m Such An A**hole

Use these Sorry I’m Such An A**hole Balloons by Adam J. Kurtz to apologize while at the same time demonstrating a sense of humor. Made me laugh.

(via Third Drawer Down, they unfortunately don’t credit Adam)

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  1. I would forgive someone if I was given these balloons :)

  2. Asshole pricing too.

  3. These are mine! I’m flattered they’ve ended up here. James, you can get them stateside for less from my online shop:

  4. This is hysterical.

  5. I don’t want someone to apologize to me with these balloons… Because I don’t want people that I really love say something similar about themselves, and people that I don’t like will not be forgiven by simply giving me a balloon… Do you guys agree?

  6. How can you not laugh and TOTALLY forget what someone did when they walk in with those??? (Well, I guess it depends what they did but still, they’re pretty funny!)

    — Kristy @ Wine Logic