Designers & Books Fair 2012

Hey designers, book lovers and design enthusiasts; Don’t miss this weekend’s Designers & Books Fair 2012.

The list of exhibitors and speakers is nothing short of breathtaking. Check out the full program and get your tickets before it’s too late. A few presentations that caught my eye:

– Book Design at Pentagram with Michael Bierut, Abbott Miller, Emily Oberman, Eddie Opara, Paula Scher and DJ Strout (info)

– Karim Rashid in Conversation with Debbie Millman (info)

– Steven Heller and Louise Fili: A Conversation with Debbie Millman (info)

Check the full calendar of this weekend’s Designers & Book Fair. Hat tip to Steve Kroeter for making this happen!

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  1. While we aren’t going to do an “offline” book fair this year, we are doing an “online” fair. We are launching it now.

    What we’ve tried to do is combine the serendipity and spontaneity of browsing in a bookstore with the refined search, sort, and filter capabilities of the Internet. Here is the link to the fair. Enjoy: