Emergency Compliment

For those days when you need an emergency compliment.

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  1. funny idea. we all need this sometimes.

  2. How cool. In Chinese, we used to say as a child, ‘Oh, someone is missing you right now!’

  3. Soo funny, clever, and weirdly thoughtful :)

  4. actually – this reminds me of a Kickstarter project where folks can also submit sayings they’d like to have on mirrors that would be placed in San Fransisco:


    Clever idea to tie it to a printmaking retailer…


    What if a several thousand of these sayings were made into bumper stickers or business cards and deployed across a city for a day or two? I smell an Improv Everywhere mission in the making… :)

  5. Awww what a find! :) Lovely!

  6. This reminds me a lot of http://goartdirectorgo.com/

  7. really funny

  8. Shalin, what a great idea…esp in Kuala Lumpur where I live. The traffic (and driving in general) is insane. How nice it would be to get caught behind someone who had something nice to say – just for you.

  9. That’s funny and really smart!