English Is Not Easy

English Is not Easy is a beautifully illustrated guide to the English language by Luci Gutiérrez. I unfortunately couldn’t find a place that sells it online. I would love to get my hands on a copy.

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  1. It says it is unpublished (right at the bottom of the web pages):

    “A guide to the English language, serious but in an entertaining way (unpublished). ”

    But it is wonderful. Someone should publish it!

  2. I think the same! if not as paper book at least as a digital one :-) I loved the idea!

  3. Oh my goodness… Being an English teacher, I really, really need that book! It would be so wonderful to use that with my students. :-)

  4. Quick someone begin a kickstarter and get this book published and in my hands! :)

  5. Most definitely would buy a copy.

  6. Found this post through my NuffnangX feed. Would definitely buy a copy for my mom who is an English teacher!

  7. Same feelings here, the book is GREAT! Please Luci, get this book published soon!

  8. Learning grammar is like applying napalm to me.So any gentler, kinder and more explanatory way of teaching grammar is welcome. I’d recommend this to anyone learning English. Perhaps I too need this book!

    I looks very fine.

  9. Dont know if there is a latin-american, hispanic style of drawing but it reminded me immediately of “Love & Rockets”.


    really wonderful precious item

  10. I wish they would make a German version of this!

  11. Book shmook. This needs to come to life on an iPad. At the very least one could make a free iBook http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2808

  12. I’m very glad that this project has attracted your attention. The book hasn’t been published yet. Fortunately, it seems that it will be published in Spain next year. In case someone is interested in getting an email to know when it gets published, you can send me an email (you will be able to find the address on my website: http://www.holeland.com). Many thanks for all these nice comments and your interest!

  13. urghhhh…………….i should takes science not englishhhh