Friday Link Pack

I spent the past three days at yet another amazing BrooklynBeta 2012. This is last year’s trailer.

Location Based Racism.

– Now this is is an unusual design of a resume. Made me look.

– Cute. The Brooklyn Aquarium adopts a baby walrus.

– Honored to be quoted in this WIRED Article by Mary H.K. Choi: Overworked, Overwhelmed, Overscheduled? Work More

– Etsy: Gifts for Men

The Human Body as a Subway Map (via Maria)

– How to Write the Perfect Email: The 9-Step Script for Emailing Busy People (via @Bufferapp)

Free ebooks for Web designers and developers. (via loopinsight)

– A dock for the iPhone 5

– To generate some early buzz for next summer’s release of Monsters University — the sort-of prequel to the huge Pixar hit Monsters, Inc. — Disney has created a complete website for the fictional Monsters University

– Jay Parkinson’s Health company Sherpaa is offering complimentary service for founders in NY. (via Amrit)

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  1. resume link doesn’t work?

  2. Thanks for including my post! :)

  3. while i liked the body map, was disappointed to see some pretty glaring typos on it. glad he fixed it for the updated version. reminds me of threadless doing a cool t-shirt on the heart (with a similar concept, if i remember right). i didn’t buy it because they referred to the atria as “atriums” – same kind of thing that got me all in a kerfuffle. what can i say? i suffer from being artistic as well as scientific. :)

  4. “- Now this is is an unusual design of a resume. Made me look.”
    A bit similar to!