Friday Link Pack

Kermit takes a course in Visual Thinking.

– A conversation between Debbie Millman and Erik Spiekerman? Yes, please. (via ze Hische)

– An Ampersand Bottle Opener.

– Data Nerd + New Parent? This is for you.

– We had one like these tv’s growing up. Now, my kids can at least ‘admire’ it as a pillow.

– Concrete Surfing? Surfers on motorized surfboards going down NYC streets.

Manmade rainbows.

Timehop launches an iOS app that takes you back in time to see your photos and social updates from *this exact day* in history. (via Amrit)

Harvard University is now on SoundCloud, sharing audio content that explores life, thought, science, business and art. (via Amrit)

– Browse the Behance Network based on Pantone Colors.

– A big thank you to Jordan Galloway over at Brooklyn Based for this feature of yours truly.

– As a professional photo retoucher, Amy Dresser’s attitude is not to make an image perfect; but keep the character and remove what might be distracting. Watch Amy’s interesting talk at Luminance a few weeks ago.

– Amazon in SF is looking to hire a Head of User Experience.

Geometry Daily now offers prints. This is dangerous. (Tumblr seems to be down at the moment)

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  1. Apparently data nerd + new parent is a popular combo!

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  3. so if i’m doing the math right, are you a multi-milliionaire now, swissmiss?? wow.