Modern Welsh Lovespoon

Now these Modern Welsh Lovespoons make for a fantastic gift for newlyweds or newly engageed folks, no?

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  1. I have mixed feelings about these. On one hand, the idea of completely changing a meaning by making a small cut and dipping it in paint seems brilliant, but on the other, the function remains the same. But I guess if they match someone’s kitchen, they are pretty nice ;)

  2. they are simply nice!!!!!!! would love to make them out of olive wood too, but seems a bit tricky…well done!

  3. I have been looking for something for my cousins wedding in december. I just wanted to let you know that as soon as I saw these, I had to get them for them. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  4. Thanks for the feature, SwissMiss! Thanks too for the feedback comments. I wish the Lovespoons were that simple to make! We’ve put some ‘behind the scenes’ pictures here:
    Hope they’re of interest.