Rain Room

The Rain Room art installation makes me want to book a flight to London, asap. Created by rAndom, it allows visitors to pass through a downpour without getting wet. Cameras map human movement in the 100-square-meter room and send instructions for the rain to move near people, yet not too near, as they traverse the space. Fascinating.

Read more over on Architizer.

Also: rAndom spoke at CreativeMornings/London. Watch their talk.

(via @curiousoctopus)

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  1. Come to London!

  2. The Glue Society have a very similar exhibit in Sydney’s Art and About exhibition that is currently on throughout the city.

  3. It’s like the opposite of your own little rain cloud over your head.

  4. So fun. Like this: Do they call it “Swingin’ ine rain”? http://designandarchitecture.tumblr.com/post/33280908022

  5. Amazing, if only I could just hop into a plane!