Tinybop Blog

My studiomate Raul recently started a new kids app company called Tinybop.

Raul is an authority like no other when it comes to kids stuff. He has a keen eye and outstanding taste. I am super-excited about the launch of his Tinybop blog on which he is reviewing kids related apps, books, music and sites.

Want to find something perfect for a specific age, refine the results with the age slider on the top right.

Tinybop, the blog. Follow it!

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  1. super cute idea – i wonder if he’ll ever get national geographic animal jam on there!

  2. Bookmarked for when I do have children. An awesome resource.

  3. Would love to see whether the apps were iphone, ipad, etc., before having to click “buy the app.”

  4. Thank you so much ! This is brilliant and perfect for my 8 tear old. The blog is now on my reader!
    And thank you for YOUR blog, it’s my favourite, so many great ideas, very inspiring !