“If it isn’t beautiful, it probably shouldn’t be at all.”
– Yves Behar

(via @hendrixart)

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  1. A little extreme, buy I agree..

  2. The quote comes from an interview with It’s helpful to read it in context, but I still wonder who Yves Behar thinks has the right (or proper qualifications) to judge whether a design is beautiful. I do love his work and agree less is more, but don’t find his extreme view beautiful at all.

    “What are you are sick of?

    I don’t really carry around a level of anger and frustration. That said, I can see out there that the word design for many people represents decoration or addition–putting more there. For me actually the real challenge of design right now is this notion of dematerialization: using less but delivering more to the most amount of people possible.

    Design certainly has a cosmetic, aesthetic aim. It always aims at making things beautiful. But relevance is just as important. I often say, if it isn’t ethical, it can’t be beautiful. But if it isn’t beautiful, it probably shouldn’t be at all.”

  3. @Melania – agreed.

    Perhaps it would better to say – “If it isn’t enjoyed, it probably shouldn’t be at all.”

  4. Somebody who suggests that something or someone should not be, probably does not have a beautiful mind. :)