Friday Link Pack

Time-Lapse of Hurricane Sandy Hitting New York City. So many people are without electricity and lost their homes. Please consider donating to the Red Cross.

– The Atlantic posts Photos of Hurrican Sandy’s Aftermath. Some of these are really intense, especially #16. And here from the New York Times.

For Adults, a Catastrophe. For Children, a Memory.

– Here’s a look at a new book based on the diary of Jim Henson called Imagination Illustrated.

The Human Centipede; Or, How to Move to New York, by Elissa Bassist. (via Maria)

– A fantastic collection of Tutorials to Make Toys from Trash.

– For those of you using Apple Mail, you might enjoy this Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet.

– Not that the world needs one more hipster wallet, but Tight is actually really cool.

– What would you say if there was a lightbulb that you could control with your smart phone?

Why you should take your 20′s seriously

– San Francisco-based clothing company Betabrand is now offering sock insurance: Lose a Sock & They’ll Replace it

– Making fun of Skeuomorphic design. There’s a blog for everything. (via loop)

– Yes, you can donate that left over Halloween candy.

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  1. The one wit the sock is really great! (I’m working in an insurance society).

    Thanks for the video.

  2. I think as a 20 something we have a lot going on with many questions of the future. At my current crossroads, the articles you’ve posted are great… Thanks for sharing!