Rig Tig Carafe Cleaner

I love my glass carafes but dread the cumbersome cleaning. The Rig Tig Carafe Cleaner seems to offer a stylish and simple solution. Fill the carafe with water and dish soap, put the Rig Tig chain into the water and shake the carafe. The chain will loosen up the calcium without damaging the glass. No scratches – only clean glass! The carafe cleaner comes in a nice and stylish holder. Brilliantly simple, no?

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  1. OK, here is my secret. Don’t tell anyone…

    Salt and ice. Seriously. Really.

    I learned it working in a restaurant years ago. It was how we cleaned coffee pots that had coffee burned (inside) to the bottom. Pour some salt in, pour some ice in, and shake.

    I know it sounds easy but it works. I always follow with a simple dish soap wash but that is it. I have used this for many similar things over the years.

    My wife just read this over my shoulder and said, “salt and ice, it [bloody well] works”. :)

  2. I bet vinegar/lemon juice (if there is a calcium buildup) would do the same thing if added with the salt. I have used alcohol before for an oil-soluble ‘scum’ and it worked (and it was just alcohol and salt). Use rock salt with water/vinegar/lemon juicemnnnnnnnnnnnnn and leave out the ice.

  3. The “mnnnnnnnnnnnnn” was a note from Mr Pete, my kitty. :x

  4. @Richard! Salt and Ice! That sounds brilliant! I will totally give it a try! Thank you!

  5. Ooh, I love simple and functional design like this one! It just had to be Scandinavian, I knew it ;)

  6. An easier solution is to fill it with water and then drop a denture cleaning tablet (eg Polident) in there and then rince it after. I’ve been using it for my vases and decanters for years and it works every time.