This Moose Belongs To Me

Whenever Oliver Jeffers publishes a new children’s book, I get giddy. This Moose Belongs to Me will certainly be found under our christmas tree. (The Incredible Book Eating Boy is one of our family favorites.)

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  1. It took me a few reads and quite a bit of pondering about this book’s message (and a few of the lines in it) before I could really enjoy the storyline fully (the artwork is of course stunning and gorgeous).

    I initially felt uncomfortable with the line “The moose would agree to all of Wilfred’s rules… whenever it suited him” – it felt like I was telling my son that rules are for following only when it suits you. Working through it though, I realised it was because the rules were excessive/selfish/bossy and not in a parent/child person/society context but rather a pet/wild animal/friend context – which is very different!