Aervine is a corkscrew and a wine aerator in one. A beautiful brainchild by William Ward, currently running a Kickstarter to get production join. I am backing this. Join me?

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  1. a) Es wird Abrieb geben, den möchte ich nciht im Weinglas haben.
    b) Oben reinschütten gibt “Sauererei”, tropft, muss extra gepült werden und empfinde ich irgend irgendwie als unhygenisch.
    c) Flasche drehen ist irgendwie merkbefreit, verkratzt den Hochglanz-Tisch oder verschiebt die Tischsets.

    summa summarum: Nein, sorry. Ich halte das für ziemlichen Mist. ;)

  2. I think it’s a great idea to try and rethink the bottle opener.

    There is only one problem with this design. If you have a bottle of Red (Shiraz, Cabernet or similar heavy reds) that’s been cellaring tor maturity you will find a lot of sediments in the bottle. Usually such a bottle is left upright for up to 24 hours. Any unnecessary shaking or movement will mix the bigger sediments back into the wine.

    Yes you can open the bottle with this bottle opener and then leave the bottle standing upright until you decanter but there are other models that require less movement of the bottle.

  3. Amen to Tom’s comment – I think this makes more sense for those wishing to aerate a younger bottle of “value” wine.

  4. @Tom That’s a non-issue. For sediment, you should do the exact same thing as if you get cork into the bottle — pour the wine through a fine-mesh sieve into a decanter.