Friday Link Pack

This giant Barry McGee mural in Brooklyn is just down the street form my house. So, awesome.

– The Chinese have bumper icecarts, taking iceskating to a whole new level!

– This made me laugh, but my mom wouldn’t get it: “Genius way of making people pay for your app.” (via @codepo8)

American Airlines’s brand got a facelift. Would love to know what Massimo Vignelli thinks about this.

– This Diabetic Journal Kickstarter allows you to easily keep track of your blood glucose levels, meals, activites and medication. (I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with my son and know first hand how tedious it is to keep track of all the data.)

– Hilarious bad lip reading of NFL players.

– So excited: ScanSnap iX500: a great scanner gets even better

– Researchers put some science behind why comment trolls are bad for culture.

Claire Burge gave up email. Bold.

NYC Plushes.

– Why you can’t cry in space. Really.

– Wow! Watch 138 skydivers break the world record for vertical skydiving.

Broccoli purse anyone?

A dad’s guide to an easy ponytail. (Please don’t try this on your kid) (via)

– Check out these Valentine Tattly! Be prepared!

– Maria Popova (aka Brain Picker) on why we need an antidote to the culture of Google.

– Oliver Reichenstein talks on digital vs. analog.

– The non-alarmist guide to the flu.

– Can Money Buy Happiness? The Science of Materialism, Animated.

– Idealist in Portland OR is looking to hire a Web Designer.

– I am loving Done Not Done. A brand new service that lets you keep track of the things you want to do, don’t have to do. You can currently track movies, books and music. Here’s my growing not done list.

– These Hippopotamus Mittens are seriously adorable.

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  1. I don’t even know how to thank you for that link the the bad lip reading video. You made my day :)

  2. Regarding the AA rebrand, Massimo Vignelli responded via

    “It seems to me that there was no need for American Airlines to undertake such a change, but many people do not understand the difference between Design and Styling, and believe in change for the sake of change” according to Vignelli.

  3. Why is American’s logo a pair of 3D glasses?

  4. @cory: there is some truth in that!

    I am disappointed with the new AA rebrand. almost shocked to be honest.

  5. That Barry McGee mural is gorgeous. I walk by twice a day on my commute and it was great to see the daily progress while the piece was going up. He’s one of my very favorite artists.

  6. Dido the 3D glasses!!