Pivot Power Mini

The Pivot Power Mini looks like one smart little device: It transforms a single socket into two grounded outlets, and two USB ports.

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  1. Look at that picture. It’s too fat. It “transforms” TWO grounded outlets into two grounded outlets and two USB ports. The other wall socket appears unusable.

  2. @Chris true, it doesn’t add any extra sockets for regular plugs, but it lets you plug in two USB-powered devices, and still leaves two sockets free. And you could still plug a lamp (or something else that doesn’t have a ground in its plug) into that top socket.

  3. How is that better than this, with three outlets and two USB ports?


    Took me 20 seconds to find it on Amazon. It is even cheaper, $11.50.

  4. The Pivot, while nice from a design standpoint, has technical issues. It blocks the second outlet and, according to reviews, can’t charge two low-wattage devices (iPhone) or a single iPad. Likely only minimal power being delivered to the USB ports.

    The Belkin that Walter linked to is solid, but it still doesn’t deliver enough power to charge an iPad.

    Belkin’s released an updated model that provides 2.1 amps and is capable of charging an iPad. For the time being, looks like it’s only available on their website (note the model number difference): http://www.belkin.com/us/BST300-Belkin/p/P-BST300

  5. The (old) Belkin won’t FAST charge an iPad, but it fills mine to full overnight.

    Given the choice I would get the new one, but the old one isn’t useless.

  6. The designer has clearly not stayed in many hotels – the kinda place lots of people take these things to – because sockets are never ideal, too close to floor, under things, next to things, this is too big to bother with as will often not fit.

  7. Why do new innovations have to be just white?

  8. My roomates actually got me one for Christmas and I’ve used it every day since, pretty handy little guy and it packs up nice on some major levels.