Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is my personal children’s books author hero, and I am lucky enough to know him as a friend. He just made this incredibly charming author video public. Well done, Mac Premo!

I wish I could see a video like this of my parents or grandparents, when they were young…

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  1. Absolutely loved ‘Stuck’ – the video is great!

  2. Ha – just read “Stuck” to Stella last night and we loved it!

  3. he is just genius! Hilarious and informative video, who can manage to do that!

  4. Fantastic video. Tina, maybe this will inspire you to make a video for your kids, just as you say you’d love to see one of your parents & grandparents. I know they’ll be able to reference your design aesthetic easily but what about your home life & what they were like when they were small? A fun project for all that spare time?

  5. I feel warm with his drawings:) love