Yay! SIGG!

Photo by Julia Robbs.

Part of my latest Quarterly mailing was a custom SIGG Bottle. In my letter to my subscribers I explained that I am struggling with keeping hydrated when at the studio. In the mornings, I would get in, sit down at my desk and just be swallowed up by the busy-monster and not take time to walk over to the water fountain. I would literally forget to drink water.

I realized that I needed to trick myself by filling up 2 bottles in the morning when I come in and have them sit on my desk, with the goal to empty them by the end of the day. Otherwise I would not drink enough water. After talking to a few of my studiomates I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling with the hydration problem and so I decided to send out a custom Sigg bottle.

I grew up on Sigg bottles, they’re a staple in every Swiss household. They’re designed and manufactured in Switzerland and the SIGG HQs is a 15 minute drive from my hometown. So, I admit, there’s a bit of nostalgia packed into my latest Quarterly. Yay for things that carry from you childhood into grown-up land. In my case, one of them is Sigg.

(The YAY illustration on the bottle is by the wonderfully talented Jen Mussari)

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  1. I have the same problem. I have a little mug of water sitting at my desk and that’s all that gets me through the day. If been thinking about getting myself a super awesome bottle, hoping it will get me to drink more water. Filling up to bottle sin the morning is a great idea.

  2. I just got a new SIGG bottle from my sister for Christmas. It’s “Pretty in PInk”. My old blue one is a beat up and dented, but I still use it as a back up :)

  3. I have the exact same problem with not drinking at all at my desk. Only a few coffees in the morning. I bought a SIGG and I seriously love the thing! Keeps the water fresh, cold and crisp without a plastic taste.. SIGG is great!

  4. I’m actually a subscriber of Querterly, and I received this Sigg water bottle. It’s really light and I like it for a number of reasons, but there is a weird mold smell around the cap that I can’t seem to shake no matter how much I wash it. If I leave the bottle covered overnight, the moldy smell returns otherwise if I leave the cap off at night then it seems to be okay.

  5. We hear ya! At KOR, we believe great design can lead to great change. The solution to hydrating better is not only by having your choice container in front of you, but by using something that you admire, enjoy, and feel good using — like our KOR Hydration Vessels. Hope you’ll check us out!


  6. thank you soo much for the sigg bottle! it’s so usefull and pretty!
    take a look at this :D http://www.gethyapp.com/ lot of people with the same problem :D

  7. The KOR water bottles are super.